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So you think we came up with TechCab Confessions because we wanted to make your SXSW experience more fun and your transportation easier? Um, no. Irina is too lazy to go to panels, parties and hallways. But have no fear, because GETV and Intel brings the party to YOU on four big pimpin' wheels of fun and unobtrusive cameras. Slash smiley face.

This year we've teamed up with the awesome folks at Cabulous to provide an easy way to hail the TechCab. Download this free app for your iPhone and fire it up when you need a ride. Don't have an iPhone? Your friend does, use theirs. You'll be expected to confess your worst, biggest, most evil secret. See, nothin' to it. But what wouldn't you do to get in that cab?

The TechCab rolls every night of SXSW Interactive beginning Friday night the 12th.

Until then, follow us on Twitter: TechCAB :: GETV :: Intel :: Cabulous :: Irina Slutsky :: Eddie Codel (advisory) :: Audrey Hollander